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Observations of Mastermind Groups in 2023

Observations of Mastermind Groups in 2023

1. While traditional Mastermind groups have their merits and are occasionally effective, significant achievement is uncommon.

2. Mastermind groups typically cost $2,000 to $5,000+ per month with no assurance of a return on investment.

3. Often, Mastermind moderators offer a templated service. They are incentivized only by selling memberships, not by member’s documented success.

AIXIO was formed to offer the proven benefits of Mastermind groups paired with AI technology in an environment that fosters a culture of shared success and relentless pursuit of achievement.

Artificial Intelligence   X   Intelligent Operators

Artificial Intelligence

 Intelligent Operators

Unlock the Power of Collaboration with AIXIO

Discover the next generation of Mastermind groups, where proven strategies are woven with AI technology. At AIXIO, we have created a program where shared success is the reward, and our mutual mission is the relentless pursuit of achievement.

Explore the program specifics and submit your application to determine if joining us aligns with our mutual goals.